4 Reasons to Have Your Basement Waterproofed

Posted on: 23 November 2020

A wet basement can be more than just a nuisance, it can damage your home and your belongings. There are different options for basement waterproofing, such as an interior drain or an exterior membrane. You may wonder if it's worth the disruption to your property to waterproof your basement. Here are four reasons why waterproofing is important.

1. To Prevent Damage To Your Foundation

If the water in your basement is bad enough and goes on long enough, the structure of your foundation could be affected and your house could shift. Water problems could lead to cracking of the basement floor and walls. The walls may even bow due to the pressure of water in the soil against the wall.

Foundation damage can be serious, and it is also expensive to repair. By having your basement waterproofed, you can decrease the risk of foundation damage to your home.

2. To Prevent Mold Growth

Even if your basement just stays slightly wet or damp, mold can become an issue. Mold in the basement gives your entire home a musty odor. Plus, mold spreads as the spores float through the air and waft into rooms upstairs. Mold can trigger allergies and cause other health problems.

Mold remediation can be expensive, but once your home has a mold problem, it's essential to get rid of the mold to protect your home and health. It's better to prevent mold by keeping your basement dry.

3. To Protect Your Furnace And Belongings

When your basement has a history of flooding in heavy rain or constantly being damp, you can't risk using the space for storage or as extra living space. It could even be dangerous to leave your furnace, water heater, and other equipment in the basement.

A waterproofing service can make sure your basement stays dry enough all the time that you can turn your basement into a family room and not have to worry about water damage or mold.

4. To Control Insects

Insects love basements because they are often damp and deserted. Plus, if you store things there like cardboard boxes, they'll have plenty of hiding places and paper to chew on. Some insects even eat mold, so a wet basement can provide the perfect breeding ground for certain types of insects that can then move to your living space and be a constant source of annoyance.

A good way to control insects is to waterproof your basement so it stays dry. That might include working with a waterproofing contractor and also using a dehumidifier in the space to ensure humidity stays low.

Basements are naturally cool and damp places since they are under the ground, but when water seeps in, problems are compounded. Your basement doesn't have to flood to have issues with water damage. If you're concerned about your basement, call a contractor and discuss various waterproofing services to find the right way to dry your basement and keep it dry.