Need Professional Carpet Cleaning? You Likely Have These 4 Questions

Posted on: 15 April 2020

Does your home's carpeting look like it has seen better days? If so, you may be in need of professional carpet cleaning. Here are some questions you likely have about the process.

What Carpet Cleaning Methods Are There?

There is no single way to clean carpeting that works best in all situations. That's why professional carpet cleaners have four different methods at their disposal. 

Dry Cleaning

This method uses a combination of chemicals and heat to break down the dirt that is in the carpet fibers and works best on stains that are very difficult to remove.

Foam Cleaning

This uses detergent to create a foam, which essentially shampoos your carpet. The foam attracts the dirt so that it can be removed when the foam is sucked out of the carpet. 

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning involves scrubbing the carpet with special equipment and is good for maintaining a clean carpet rather than removing deep stains. 

Steam Cleaning

This sprays a mixture of hot water and a cleaning solution into the carpet fibers, and gives the carpet a deep cleaning,

How Long Until The Carpet Can Be Walked On?

The amount of time you need to wait will depend on what carpet cleaning method is used. Dry cleaning offers the fastest dry times of all the methods available, with you being able to walk on the carpet in a matter of hours. However, foam cleaning can take up to 24 hours until the carpet is dry. 

There are some ways to speed up the drying process. Bringing in fans to circulate the air and remove humidity can shorten the dry time, which may be necessary for a large household that has carpet in every room.

Is It A Concern If You Have Pets?

The chemicals used for cleaning your carpets will be completely safe for anybody that has pets in their home. You should have no concerns about your pets laying on the carpet after they are professionally cleaned.

Should Any Preparation Be Done Before The Carpet Cleaners Arrive?

It's a good idea to do a deep cleaning of your home that can cause dust to get on the floor. Clean the baseboards, air registers, ceiling fans, and anything else that can cause a mess if you were to do it after the carpet cleaning is finished. You'll also want to pick up as many items from the floor as possible. You may have large furniture items that you prefer to leave in place. However, if you have the ability to clear rooms of all furniture, you should do so.