Who Should You Contact After A Basement Flood?

Posted on: 30 August 2018

Coming home to a flooded basement is no one's wish, but if you experience this type of disaster, it's important to know what to do so you can best protect your home and belongings. One of the most important pieces of information is knowing who you may need to contact after your basement floods. Getting help fast ensures the job is done properly and safely, so check out who you may need to contact after your basement floods.

Emergency Plumber

One of the first calls you should make is to an emergency plumbing service. If you don't own a sump pump, can't access one, or don't know how to use one, an emergency plumber can use one for you to remove the water from inside the home. Depending on the reason for the flood, this may be the only service you need from a plumber, but if the flood was caused by a failure in the plumbing system, an emergency plumber can fix the problem so it doesn't happen again.

In some cases, the problem may be obvious, such as a burst pipe spraying water into the basement. This can be easily replaced by a professional, licensed plumber. In many cases, however, the problem is the sewage line, which may cause water and waste to back up into the basement. This may be caused by damage to your sewer line, but it may be backup from the city sewer system. A plumber can help identify the problem to determine if you need a repair to your system.

Landscaping Contractor

It may not be your plumbing system causing the flooding. It may be groundwater from outside. The risk of basement flooding from groundwater and standing water increases during the rainy months, especially if you have clogged gutters or poor drainage. If this is the problem, consider if you can make minor repairs or changes, such as keeping gutters clean.

In some cases, however, it's your home's natural slope and landscape that causes the flooding. The yard may have minimal drainage or the yard may slope toward the house, allowing water to pool around the foundation of the home. A landscaping contractor can help adjust the slope and install new drainage systems.


An electrical problem is likely not the cause of the flood, but even a minor flood may cause damage to the system, which increases the risk of electrocution or fire. Before you go into any standing water, you'll need to have the power cut to the basement, but this doesn't always just mean turning off the power to the basement. Doing so will not remove you from the city electrical grid. If there is damage to the grid from a storm or flood, and someone on the grid is using a generator in your area, the power may backup and electrocute you.

An electrician can also inspect the system to ensure the water has not caused any damage or increased the risk of failure. You may also need an electrician to inspect any appliances that were in the basement. For example, if your washing machine and dryer were in the basement, but the flood water didn't impact them much, they may still work fine, but only a licensed electrician can determine if they are safe to use.

Damage Contractor

Last, once the water is gone, and it's safe to enter the basement, you need to contact a damage contractor. Even a little flooding can cause major problems for your flooring and drywall. Certain types of flooring (like carpet) and drywall are prone to develop mold after exposed to flood water. Any type of mold spore may cause breathing problems to worsen in people with allergies and breathing problems, but if black mold grows, everyone is at risk for major health problems.

If the water contained sewage, it's even more important o contact a damage contractor, because the entire flooded portion may need to be remodeled to remove the risk of disease. A damage contractor will be able to help you determine which items you can and can't keep, but typically, most porous items that have been exposed to flood waters should be removed.

Opening up your basement to see a pool of water can be stressful and overwhelming, but knowing who to call first can help keep you calm. If you fear your basement is at risk of a flood, or it's already flooding, contact an emergency plumber in your area today.