5 Steps To Take To Prevent You Sewer Lines From Freezing

Posted on: 18 November 2017

When you live somewhere that gets really cold weather in the winter, and you have a septic system, you need to make sure that you take steps to prevent your sewer lines from freezing up, such as:

#1 Keep Your Pipes Insulated

One of the best steps you can take to protect your sewer lines, and all the plumbing lines in your home, is by keeping them insulated. It is really easy to insulate your plumbing lines. All you need to do is wrap pipe insulation over them, and secure the insulation in place through the use of electrical tape. It can be easy to install the insulation, and insulating all of your feeding and draining pipes is a great way to prevent freezing. It is most important to insulate the pipes that are closest to your outside area.

#2 Seal Off Any Outside Vents

Second, you want to limit the flow out outside air around your pipes. Outside area can get really cold during the winter time, and limiting the flow of cold air around your pipes can help you keep your pipes from freezing. You can achieve this by sealing off any vents that allow outside area into your crawl space or basement.

#3 Shovel Away Snow

If you have any water drains outside, you should shovel away any snow that accumulates around your water drains. You should also shovel away any snow from your septic tank drainage area. Shoveling snow away from these areas will help keep your pipes warm this winter.

#4 Turn Up Your Water Heater

During the winter months, it is a good idea to turn up your water heater a few degrees. Do not turn it up so much that you are uncomfortable or burn yourself on the water. Turning your water heater up just a little bit will help keep the water in your pipes hot and help prevent your pipes from freezing.

#5 Run Water When Its Really Cold

When it is really cold outside, run a low amount of water through your faucets. Running a small amount of water through your faucets when it is really cold outside can help prevent your pipes and your septic tank from freezing. Keeping the water running can help prevent your pipes from freezing up when it is really cold. Just remember to turn off the water in the morning so that you don't waste too much water.

Implementing the five steps above will help prevent your pipes and your septic tank from getting frozen up. Contact a company like Redeeming Restoration for more information and assistance.